Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nov Birchbox and Birchbox Shop Haul

I have good and sad news. Good news I finally used my Birchbox points and purchased some pretty good things from the Birchbox Shop. The bad news is that I had about 40 points expire :( Once they expire there is no getting them back. 
For those of you who are not aware of what I am talking about re: Birchbox points, here's a little explanation. 
You can subscribe to Birchbox which is a monthly sample box subscription that is sent to you with makeup, perfume, skin care and more for only $10 per month (shipping included). It is like a little gift every month. Here are some previous months Birch boxes.

Moving on. After getting your box you can review every item in your box and get 10 points for each review. You only get points for reviewing items in your box not other items on the site. You can also get 50 points for every person you refer to Birchbox and gets a box. Every 100 points equals $10. Keep in mind points expire after 1 year. Yes I hoarded my points and they expired. When I got my 1st box I didn't know about the points and never reviewed anything. Lesson learned. 
I finally purchased from the Birchbox shop and this is what I got. 

 Stila eyeshadow palette in 

this I LOVE!!!!
this is a fresh fruity scent, I love that this is in a roller ball for and the scent has no waste. You roll it on you and not the whole room.

Last was a filler so I wouldn't waste 60 birchbox points. The Clean Well All natural Hand sanitizing Wipes. 
My total without the wipes was $64 (640 birchbox points) that would mean I would use 700 points, so because of that I need to get something worth 60 points ($6) or I would just loose those points. I hope this makes sense. 
If you are interested in Joining Birchbox click HERE and sign up. I definitely recommend it! Oh and by the way that Viva La Juicy perfume is AMAZING!!!!! 
There is also a new Holiday section on their site click HERE to check it out!