Sunday, November 25, 2012

BirchBox November 2012

This month's BirchBox theme is GIVE.  
They did do something a little different than all the previous months. Instead of the typical mini package wrapped in tissue paper this month we got a mini reusable box. It is quite cute to use as a stocking stuffer. I am going to search for what to put in my box to recycle it. 
Inside the BirchBox was:
1 Masqueology Revitalizing Eye Mask.  A full size would include 3 masks @ $24
these little pads you apply under your eyes to help reduce puffiness and brightening dark circle. You apply them and sit for 20 min. After that remove and massage the gel into under eye area. Ahh feeling is what you get after using it. There is a cooling sensation after about 5 minutes which is similar to the cooling effect whan putting minty lip balm on your lips, but for your under eye without a burning feeling. The patches are slimy and slippery. A really neat texture and feeling to say the least. I didn't notice a difference while looking at my eyes, but I could feel a difference and I REALLY ENJOYED using this item. I am sure I left it on longer than 20 minutes cause I was loving the feeling so much. 
Sample given 1 patch $8
Kiehl's Creme de Corps - full size 1L @ $70
for use with very dry sin which is pretty good timing considering the change in the weather. Dry air is on it's way. To use apply after showering and rub especially to elbows heels knees, etc and let soak in before dressing. It has Beta-carotene and cocoa butter.
Sample size 1.0 oz approx $5
Stila all over shimmer liquid luminizer - set of 3 @$20
This sells as a set of 3 minis. Pink Shimmer, Rose Gold shimmer and bronze shimmer. The one in my box was the Bronze shimmer. This gives a really nice glow/shimmer. The brush applicator is very nice and since a little goes a long way this sample will last me quite a while. That makes me happy!
sample size approx $6 (give or take) 
Next was from MCMC Phoenix fragrance full size 40ml is $95
This is a little fruity and a little musky in my opinion. It is nice, but it is not a scent I am usually drawn to. 
Lastly in the box were the extras also from Masqueology.  7D Moisture Day & Night cream and a Masque Cleanse. The smell was a bit strong and herbal. Like being in a salon or spa. 

Although the items in the box seemed minimal this month, when I was reviewing the contents I thought they were decent items. The Stila is a definite use item and well as the Kiehl's Creme de Corps. I always appreciate perfumes cause I love them =, but hate the high cost of them so this is a way to try many scents. The Masqueology eye patches are unusual and hey a pricy item in my book.  Just the 3 items (Kiehls, Stila and Masqueology) alone is approximately $19 alone. 

Yes I would have liked my box to be jam packed with stuff, but as I always say.....sometimes the box is filled with completely amazing items and sometimes it is just ok and other times it is eh. I personally enjoy getting my sample box monthly. It is a little gift to myself. I have seen Birchbox go thru ups and downs. It is the luck of the draw every month. I still would not give it up. $10 is not bad for sampling items I would have never otherwise tried for myself. 
If you are interested in playing the monthly gift in the mail game check out their site HERE