Thursday, December 6, 2012

Perdue Oven Ready Roaster

Ok I just made my whole roaster tonight. My family of 5 loved it! I still have left overs for tomorrow too! It came out brown on the top and juicy on the inside. The seasonings were delicious. My neighbor came over and she tried it and loved it too. She called me about an hour later and wanted to know more about the chicken. I told her and oh yes I gave her a coupon so she could know what to buy and save some money too.
Here is our yummy meal.
Into the oven it goes all sealed up in the inner bag with a few cuts as directed to let some steam escape. 

After removing the chicken from the oven I poured the juices into the pan and added the veggies to cook for about 15 min. The chicken was still very hot after sitting out of the oven covered with aluminum foil and a towel to keep the heat in. 

With some mushroom flavored wild rice and veggies cooked in the juices from the bag

I added the juices from the pan to pour over my chicken. It had really great flavor. I was so glad to try this and I will definitely be purchasing this again in the very near future.
Oven roasters come in a couple varieties
PERDUE® OVEN READY Whole Seasoned Roasters
PERDUE® OVEN READY Whole Seasoned Roaster Bone-In Breasts
PERDUE® OVEN READY Boneless Chicken Roasts

These products retail for a suggested price of $10.99 - $11.99, giving you a delicious roasted chicken your whole family can enjoy any day of the week! Look for PERDUE®OVEN READY Products in the fresh meat case of your grocery store.
Check out Perdue FB fan page and their website for more information about their oven ready roasters.
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