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I was invited to something new call Sircle Samples (BETA) 
It is free to join but is by invite only at the time of this post.
You can earn Sircle coins to buy samples from the coins you have earned. All free pretty much. 

1st Sign up HERE 

  1. Once you sign up you can ear Sircle Coins (Oc) by completing surveys. your beauty profile and inviting friends. 
  2. Once you save your Oc you can spend them on sample products by shopping in their store, you choose what you want to sample. AND shipping is always free. 
  3. Once you receive your samples, review them to earn more Oc.
  4. Then if you like the sample you can buy it after sampling it. They even have promo codes which who doesn't want a great savings. 
I have received a couple samples so far and am pleased so far. It is in BETA mode right now so join me in trying out this new program.!! I hope it is as great as it sounds!! Can't wait
Sircle Samples (BETA)

Oh yes!! Another FREE Sampling Service!!
I just love these. pretty soon there will be no more buying of subscription services for me, cause these sampling services seem to be popping up everywhere. Yeas earn Coins to buy free samples with the coins you have earned. 

This one is called ....... Is That Odd

You can earn Odd Coins here by posting Oddstracts, which are posting about anything from your pets, beauty, life and whatever else you can think of. You can also earn Odd coins by doing reviews, commenting on other postings and voting. 
Everything is free! Free shipping too! All you have to do is participate in the community to earn you Odd Coins.

Check out Is That Odd to join up and start earning FREE samples that you can choose from in their sample shop. LINK HERE
Good luck everyone! I am so excited to have these site come around more often. When I hear about the next one I will be posting another one again.


Here is something new and exciting....
It is in Beta right, but for now enter your email address HERE to be on the waiting list so when slots become available you too can be in on it too. 

  1. Sign up via FB or email
  2. Discover products that you need
  3. Sample those products for free once a month
  4. Buy what you love
  5. Share with friends and others
It sounds quite simple and way too good to be true right?.....
I hope it is as simple as it says!!! I really cannot wait to join this site!!
Once I find out more I will definitely let you know what it is about!! 
Good luck!

I found this list on Tumbler
UPDATED Beauty/Other Subscriptions across the World

New beauty/other subscriptions

  1. Is That Odd
  2. Sircle Samples
  3. Trymbl
  4. Sindulge
  5. Kara's Way
  6. Glossy Box for US
  7. Sample Society from BeautyBar and Allure
  8. BeautyBox5 
  9. Lookbag
  10. TopBox (for men coming soon)

Love Lula Beauty Box (£10/month+shipping) Availability: UK
Beautyarmy ($12/month) Availability: United Stated
BeautyBox5 ($12/month) Availability: United States and Canada
Beauty Sage ($12 per box) not monthly Availability: United States
Beautyfix ($49.94/season)
BellaBox ($15/month) Availability: Australia, Singapore
Birchbox ($10/month) Availability: United States
Birchbox MEN ($20/month) Availability: United States

BirchBox UK (10/month +2.95 shipping) Availability: UK and Northern Ireland
BirchBox Spain (13/month) Availability: Spain
Birchbox France (13/month) Availability: France
Bluum Box for expecting mothers ($9/month) Availability: United States
Divalicious ($36/$26box) Availability: United States, Canada
Douglas Box of Beauty ( 10/month) Availability: Germany
GlossyBox(£12.95/month) Availability: UKIrelandFranceGermanySouth KoreaUS($21/month) AustraliaSpainItalyBrazilUSA*, Canada
Glamabox ($88 hkd/month) Availability: Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Singapore
Influenster VoxBox (Free) Availability: United States
Is That Odd (FREE) sample subscription Availability: US
Ipsy ($10/month) Availability: United States and Canada
Julep Maven ($19.99/month) Availability: United States, Canada
Latest In Beauty (£1.50-2.95/shipping) Availability: UK
Lust Have It! ($19.95/month) Availability: Australia
LuxeBox ($12/month or $36/3 months) Availability: Canada
Makeup Monthly ($20-$35/month) Availability: United States
MyPlatinumBox ($14/month) Availability: United States
RubyBox ($100 zar/month) Availability: South Africa
QoQo Box (495 THB) Availability: Thailand
Sample Society from BeautyBar   ($15/month) Availability: United States check FAQs
Sircle Samples (FREE) sample subscription Availability: US
The Soap Box  ($19.99 USA) ($28 Canada) ($34 Over Seas) every 3 months
TestTube by New Beauty ($29.95/3 months) Availability: United States
Trymble **NEW** (FREE) sample subscription Availability: US
Topbox ($12/month) Availability: Canada
Truly Yours ( 14,95/month) Availability: Netherlands
WishBox from wishtrend ($10.99-$55.99 +s/h)  multiple boxes Availability: Worlwide

Eco Emi ($15US/$38 Int month) Availability: US and International
Conscious Box ($19/month) Availability: United States, Canada*
Green Grab Bag ($15-$35/month) Availability: United States
Kara's way ($15/month) Availability US

For Men
His Black Box ($12/month) Availability: United States, Canada
Hiskit ($12/month) Availability: United States
MyPlatinumBox ($14/month) Availability: United States
Birchbox MEN  ($20/month) Availability: United States

Other Monthly Subscription Services
Umba Box Handmade Products ($23/month) Availability: United States
Bluumbox mommy & baby box ($11/month) Availability US

Bulubox health ($10/month) Availability US

For Pets
BarkBox ($25/month) Availability: United States
BestFriendbox ($30/month) Availability: United States
pawalla ($26/month) Availability: United States

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