Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Vox Box & BirchBox Dec 20111

I so loved my Holiday VoxBox. Can I say I love it any more?
Thank you Influenster for chosing me!!
Can I say how wonderful this is?
As you can see there are a bunch f things that came in the Holiday VoxBox. 

    • LARABAR flavor Apple Pie This is a great healthy snack although I am just not into this. .I am not a fruit bar kinda girl. (approx $1.00)
    •  Mentos Fresh mint flavor 15 pcs. Who doesn't want fresh Icy Breath? Thank you Thank you!!(approx $1.69)

    • Peel off cucumber mask from Montage Jennesse ust love these peeling facial masks! Feels awesome after it dries. (approx $1.99)

    •  NYC Liquid lipshine in Nude York City I am loving this one!! the color is fantastic and the feel is great! It is not sticky or goopy. (approx $1.69)

    • Softsoap Coconut Scub (bar soap)Can I say..... This smells fantastic. Funny I don't prefer to eat coconut, but I love the smell of it, especially in hair or body products.(approx $2.24)
    this has been an box of awesomeness so far!!!
    That's not it there is one more item

    • imPRESS press on manicure in Lil Drummer Grl These are so cute! I wish I could use them, but I have weird shaped nails and it is hard to fit false nails on them. :( I really liked the WILD color and would DEFINITLY use them if I could, but not everything is for everyone, so I will share the wealth with someone elso so they can enjoy the Holiday VoxBox! (approx $5.99 - 7.99)
    Box worth Approx $16.60 give or take a few. Prices were a rough estimate based on different local drug stores)
    Thank you INFLUENSTER!!!!!

    Now on to December BirchBox 
    So here we go with the next BirchBox. I was not completely disappointed, but I wasn't exactly ecstatic either. I was hoping for more since my last box was a downer. I did get a couple of nice beauty items and some other ok items. 
    I received 4 samples and 2 extras.
    • sample perfume of Ageless from Harvey Prince. The scent is not bad it is very floral like and I prefer citrus like scents, but this one is nothing compared to the last month scent of Shalimar. I would wear the Ageless perfume. I think it is great to keep in your purse and you forget to put on perfume you have this one as a back up..  Full size 100 ml $98
    •  Orofluido 0.17 fl oz approx $1.50 for the sample size. When I opened and removed this from the box I didn't know how to use this product, I did not explain how to use and there was no info on the bottle. It had no instructions, so I went to the BirchBox website to look it up. It stated that this is a "triple-threat oil: argan oil strengthens strands, linseed oil smooths cuticles to leave hair shiny and Cyperus oil fortifies and boosts manageability" How to use is to use on damp or dry hair. 3-4 drops rub in palms and distribute. I will definitly try this, but unfortunately there was no dropper so you will have to pour it out dab it with you finger tips. Full size 3.4 oz $29.99

     Benefit PoreFessional .25ml approx $9.67. I was really happy to get this sample. I wish it was a larger sample though. I don't think I will get many uses out of if. Maybe I am wrong, maybe a little will go a long way... this sample is a 3rd of the regular size. It is an oil-free formula and is to diffuse pores and fine lines for an "air-brushed" finish. To use as a primer before makeup apple a thin layer over moisturized skin starting from the center of your face outward. you can also use it alone or as touch up throughout the day. I wonder if this would work well on men too. Just curious... LOL Men have very large pores. Full size 0.75 fl oz $29.00
    • Jouer Lip gloss in BirchBox Pink 2ml approx $6.67. This is a cute color gloss. my only complaint is that it is the smallest sample. Last month we had a lip gloss too. It was also miniature. Keep scrolling down to see last month's entry on Nov Birch box or click here. This is suppose to help with dry lips too. It has shea butter and jojoba seed oil to moisturize and Vit A, C, and E to heal cracks and flakiness. I think this is great for winter. The full size is 0.21 fl oz $20.00

      The next two items were extras in the box. 

    • Show stoppers 2 srtips approx $0.83. these are double sides tape to keep our clothes from running away in those places we don't want them to move from. Full size 24 pk $9.99, but I saw on their website is $14.99 for two. which equals $0.62 for our sample
    • Eboost energy booster $1.40 need I say more? Full size is 20 pks $28.00
    Over all I thought this month's box was better than last month's, but still not sure if I want to continue the subscription. I am hoping next month will be much better since all the hype of the My Glam bag. If it is not it will not be worth it since the items in the glam bag were SO MUCH more and worth the cost of the bag in comparison. Approximate total for this month's BirchBox is $19.86. 
    See here for My Glam Glam bag pics

    Until the next post. 
    Chow chow for now