Friday, October 13, 2017

Wunderbrow review

I have heard a lot of pretty amazing things about Wunderbrow. This is the "miracle" brow product that will not fade away. Well this is what I have hear.
Here are the details:

WUNDERBROW - Eyebrow Gel

$22.00 for a 3Gm tube
Available in 5 shades. 
On the Wunderbrow website it says that this is "Semi Permanent". The claims is that this will last for days and only take approximately 2 minutes to apply. 

It comes with a spoolie to comb out and blend the product into your brows and the WunderBrow 1-Step Gel.

With WunderBrow           Without Wunderbrow 
This was a pretty neat test for me.
I have very sparse brows and this definitely made my brows appear fuller and did last the whole day. I do have a pretty rough facial cleansing regime and scrubbing my brows is part of it so as for the lasting for days.... That did not apply for me. I can say it does last through the hot humid Florida weather. The beach and swimming is no match for the Wunderbrow either. It lasted right through the fun in the sun.

The wand is a brush (like a mini paint brush) It would have been nice for it to have at least a stiff angled applicator. It is nearly impossible to apply this with the brush it comes with in the tube. The way I apply this is with a small angle brush and then comb it out with the spoolie. Re-apply till you get your desired look.
I would recommend to apply a small amount at a time since this is very pigmented and can get a bit out of control if you do not pay attention.

You can check out more information on their site Wunder2

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