Friday, October 13, 2017

A Healthier Chip?

Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips

Beans are the primary ingredient in this snack which is great for the health-conscious snackers. Beanfields chips are vegan, gluten-free, allergy friendly, and made with non-GMO ingredients.
This is a great alternative to the typical "corn" chips. They are crunchy with a slightly different texture and a bit more dense too. The flavored varieties have a bold taste and there are also a variety beans. Navy beans and black beans with brown rice. With some varieties (plain) only having 5-6 ingredients that you can actually read and know what they are. No need to google it. I feel very comfortable offering these as a snack to my kids. 
With 7 varieties of Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips to choose from I think you can find a flavor that will appeal to anyone in the family. 
My favorite is the nacho and pico de gallo. 

The kids had big opinions. 
Texture: Some did not like the texture, while others were not bothered. "It's different and not like other chips"
Taste: This is where everyone had an opinion. The most liked was Nacho, then pico de gallo. The lease favorite was barbecue and most comments were it was too strong and not like barbecue. 
Overall: The kids enjoyed trying a new chip and getting a little education on a healthier brand, however unfortunately they still prefer other types of chips. As far as the adults, we are a bit more reasonable and try to eat healthier versions to stop the craving of our bad treats and this was a nice variety and substitution to the usual. 

What is the real difference? 
I did a comparison the the Beanfield Nacho and the other triangle tortilla chip.

Content for a 1 oz bag of chips
                                         Beanfield                Other
Calories                           140                          140
Total Fat                         6gm                         8gm
TotalCarbohydrates      18 gm                       16gm
Dietary Fiber                  6gm                         1gm
Sugars                              0                              0
Protein                             5g                            2gm

Basically you get more dietary fiber and protein. 

A little healthier and if it make you feel better then go for it!

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