Monday, December 12, 2016

Clarisonic miaFIT Review

I would like to first start by saying I have never used a facial cleansing brush before. This is the first and only facial cleansing brush I have used. This is my thoughts and I have been using this for several weeks now and have an opinions on this and well....

This was a great kit which came with the miaFIT, a charging base, the Urban Decay pore perfecting completion primer potion and 2 brush heads. There is one softer brush head (pink) and the other a bit more coarse (blue).

My usual skin care routine consisted of using a facial cloth then jumping into the shower to finish cleaning my face. I would use a variety of cleansers and rub with my hands. I would use an exfoliating scrub several times a week. The only thing I would have to do after showering is use eye makeup wipes to remove the additional liner that was hard to remove, yet easier to remove after a nice hot shower versus rubbing before the shower. 
I thought I was doing a great job. On my first use I decided to do my regular routine and then add the Mia Fit to the mix. I was completely shocked at the dirty scrub brush! All this time I thought I was cleansing my face properly and I was so wrong!. The brush was full of left over makeup that I apparently did not remove. This was even before I scrubbed near my eyes. I decided to cleanse my eyes as well and what do you raccoon eyes after the shower!

How it Works: 
FIRST! Yes you can take it in the shower!! No worries the whole device can get wet.
After charging on the base for at least 18 hours..

There are 2 settings. a quick and more deep cleansing setting. Pressing the button 1 or 2 times for the setting you want. That setting will be saved until you change it again.

The 1st setting is quick and the brush actually buzzes to let you know when to change from section to section on your face. It will automatically shut off after all sections are complete. The 2nd setting is the same however each section is a little longer for a deeper cleansing with the harder brush. This is the setting I typically use daily. 

I add my favorite cleanser on the wet brush and done! I would recommend not using a lotion like cleanse since it tends to stay on the brush and is very difficult to clean your brush out. It tends to stay kind of stained with makeup until your next few cleanings with another cleanser. 

I do prefer the blue brush over the pink. I think the roughness and firmness of the brush felt more thorough in my opinion. 

This is a small, compact and very simple to use. It works amazingly well.
I honestly didn't believe the hype. I now realize why it is so loved and talked about.
Available at ULTA, SEPHORA and

As for the Urban Decay Pore Perfecting facial primer: 
The packaging it very cute, however I would like for it to have a top that could be used to stand the product up with. It would be better, especially when you get down to the end of the tube. 
This has a silky, creamy, yet sticky consistency. The tackiness is a bit strange and does help with pore minimizing. It is a bit more thick and takes a bit more effort to smooth evenly to the face. It works fine with prolonging the wear time of my foundation. I have others that I prefer more, but everyone has a preference to consistencies. You may prefer this over another. Good thing is that it is easy to get a travel size to try out any Urban decay primer. It is very affordable. 

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Thank you Clarisonic for letting me try this out.