Monday, September 14, 2015

BOSU and Sweat Pink #BOSUStrong challenge

Today is the START of the BOSU and Sweat Pink #BOSUStrong challenge I encourage you and your family or friends to join in on the fun!


Today I am embarking on a 4 week challenge with BOSU and Sweat Pink to prove to the world that I am #BOSUSTRONG. Being #BOSUSTRONG means I make fitness part of my everyday life, at home, out and about, and with my friends and family.I will squat, mountain climb, plank, push-up, lunge,  jump and sweat my way to a stronger and more fit body.  And I will encourage my friends and especially my coworkers to join me on this fun journey because we are one big, happy #FitFamily.

Being #BOSUStrong is not just about movement, sweat, or even owning a BOSU, its about being a leader, an inspiration to others, and sharing my own fitness journey with others. It’s about not letting myself and my struggles stand in my way of sweating and getting strong! The 5 things that make me #BOSUStrong are:

My strong desire to get back to a healthy state.
My ability to overcome my do it later attitude.
My love for ME.
My healthy LIFE.
And my want to be the best mom I can be.

So I want to know - are you #BOSUStrong?

HERE is Todays TASK!!!

Monday, 9/14: It’s #MOUNTAINCLIMBMONDAY! Show us your favorite way to climb that mountain whether it be with hiking poles, in plank position or….? Tag #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad

Bonus: Y’all know we love to #jumpjoymonday! Show us your BEST jump shot and tag @BOSU_Fitness @FitApproach #BOSUStrong #FitFamily #SweatPink #ad

Tuesday, 9/15: Happy #tempotuesday we want to see how you’re getting your heart rate up today. Tag @BOSU_Fitness @FitApproach #BOSUStrong #FitFamily #SweatPink #ad

Bonus: Show us your favorite tricep workout and tag #triceptuesday and #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad

Check Back Tomorrow For Wednesday's Task!

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