Sunday, April 26, 2015

LUV2KISS Invisible lip liner

I was very curious about the LUV2KISS Invisible liner.
I wasn't sure what an invisible liner was going to do, but I know a liner will keep your color in your lip line. I have used this in a couple ways. 

  1. lip liner
  2. lip primer
  3. eyebrow shaper
The best use for the lips in my opinion is as a lip primer. It is a firm liner which is as expected and completely clear. I personally do not have any issues with my lip color feathering or bleeding outside of my lips, but I could see if you needed a lip liner and did not have a color to match , this would be a great one to help those with these issues. I know a liner can definitely help with that issue. This is one that you never have to find a matching shade. This will obviously work with any shade. It gives my lips a little stick to keep my color one. 

I have to say my most favorite way to use this liner is honestly as an eyebrow shaper. It hodls my brows right in shape and if it gets out of place I can just guide them right back and it doesn't fall instantly. I have sad Asian brows that seem to always want to fall down. This is just the extra oomph that I need without the additional color that I don't necessarily want with the additional layer of stay put wax like texture. 

Check out LUV2KISS for more information and to see the other amazing products they have available such as

  • Lip glitters
  • lip balms

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