Sunday, April 26, 2015

Want to start reviewing?

I get asked all the time, 
"how do I start?"
"What sites do you use?"

I will answer these questions below

Becoming a great reviewer requires you to not just review an item and say "it works for me" or "it's good" If you do quality reviews then you will get a great rating and eventually you can become a top reviewer. Some companies check for quality reviews and contact you directly. This happens to me frequently and as long as you do quality and detailed reviews you too can get to the top. 
Here are a few tips

  1. describe packaging (if applicable)
  2. how did it work for you/ results (details)
  3. how did you use it
  4. smell, look, texture, feel, etc.
  5. function
  6. pictures! Videos! are always a BIG PLUS (remember quality not dark where no one knows what they are seeing) show it in use
Those are just a few tip, of course so many more. 

I thought I would share some of my favorite places for reviews!

Remember when reviewing on these sites you might get a code to review a product for free or a discount code. 
You might have to pay from .01-$5 or more. If you do not have Amazon Prime you will have to pay for shipping. Some of these sites require Amazon Prime as well, so make sure to read the requirements. 
There are of course many Facebook review sites too. I suggest you ask around since most of these site you need to be invited to. Usually these groups are who do you know. I rarely suggest or recommend these unless I see your Amazon Profile and I know you are a great reviewer. So please do not ask unless you have been doing quality reviews. I prefer not to stick my neck out for someone and vouch for them if I do not know them, after all I would be referring you and you would be a direct link to me. Please understand this. 

Of course I always say having Amazon Prime is KEY! Shipping can get quite costly. Amazon Prime is $99 per year but you can get it for FREE for 1 month and try it out. You can also get 6 months for free if you are a college student then after your 6 months pay only $45 a month for 4 years! OMG what a deal!

Interested in Amazon Prime check it out below!
Choose the STUDENT or REGULAR FREE TRIAL from the pics below. 
Just click and go!


Please check back to see any updates on new site!