Sunday, December 15, 2013

NEW Cynthia Rowley Palette RAVE REVIEW

I purchased this palette thru BirchBox with my Birchbox points.
Cynthia Rowley Birchbox Exclusive Palette is $24
The cover is beautiful with an abstract floral design.

The colors are an amazing warm, pink toned palette.

The dark Brown is a solid chocolate brown and a little soft, but amazing pigment. excellent to darken up your outer corner or use as a liner as well.

Next is a warm almost rose toned golden brown shade. This is great to deepen the crease color.

Next is a a shade lighter than the above shade. It is a perfect blending color or an all over lid color. rosy brown.

Next is a multi color shade that results in a beautiful burgundy rose color. This happens to be my absolute favorite shade in the whole palette. A little can go a VERY long way, but don't worry if you happen to have a heavy hand since it is easy to blend out. A little smidge of this color on your brush is all you need, but you can make it very bold too. 

Last is the a golden shimmer, the lightest shade. It has the least amount of boldness compared to the rest, but excellent as an inner corner highlight or an all over lid color.

These colors are so easy to apply and blend out. You will never get bored of using this palette. It has been my everyday palette since I got it. 
Here are a couple screenshots from some recent video uploads.