Sunday, December 15, 2013

New fds Personals review

NEW fds Personals

fds Personals are a personal cleansing wipe made just for women like me. When you need to freshen up you can take fds personals with you to go and have one with you at all times when you feel you need it.
It's nice to have 3, 10 packs available in one kit instead of all 30 wipes in one single package.
You can keep one pack in your purse, one in the office and one in your gym bag. 
They have a nice cheery, bright and fun print on each individual package.
There is a resealable closure to keep the wipes fresh for each use and the adhesive actually does seal the packaging securely.
The wipes are large and the texture is gentle and sturdy enough for your personal needs
you can see how large the wipe is and the scent is not too strong but enough to give the freshness that I like.
It's great to have especially when it's that dreaded "time f the month" for freshness throughout the day. I also like to shower before going to the gym to feel fresh since I go to the gym at the end of my day. I know, you're saying what is the point since I am going to get all yucky, smelly and sweaty anyway?? I just prefer it. Using fds personals to freshen up before going to the gym to work out has been a convenient. 

Product Info: 

Portable Feminine Cleansing Cloths

30 Cloths - 3 packs of 10

Free of Parabens, Sulfates and Alcohol

Gentle enough for Sensitive skin
pH balanced & hypoallergenic
Gynecologist tested
Dermatologist tested
Discreet and flushable
No colors or dyes
Not tested on animals
Retail Price: $4.99-$5.99
Note: This is a NEW product introduction

FDS products are available in drug stores and box box stores, fds Personals are available at select Walmarts, for more information check out

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