Friday, December 20, 2013

Les Cinq Amandes review Amazing specialized favors

 Les Cinq Amandes

About the company:
The Five Almonds- Les Cinq Amandes is a place where artistry meets confectionary. 
We curate the finest candies from around the world, in an array of colors and flavors, including the Grand Cru Avola Almond, to create unique gift presentations. We also offer an interactive on line store, where customers can create their own custom gifts.
Les Cinq Amandes, founded in CT by a mother daughter duo in 2007, has hundreds of sweet renditions that are unique, each telling a story, invitation to a special journey tied to the universal wishes of Health, Happiness, Long Life, Peace, and Love: a real feast to the five senses!

It is hard to believe that this company that is less than 10 years old has such beautiful, delicate, delicious confections that are just plainly stated as show stopping. I felt the need to use many adjectives in this description since I was so blown away with these and I could think of many more ways to describe these amazing confectionary treats.

The packaging alone is elegant and I barely wanted to open anything. I normally never eat these sweet treats at any event. They normally are pretty, but taste well not so great. 

First treat were Chocolate Dragées. These ombre blue almond shaped, candy coated dark chocolates have a beautifully perfect almond shape and firm candy coating. When you bite in to these little gems, believe it or not you actually want more. The dark chocolate was delicious and my Fiance gobbled them all up by the hand full. I think I was able to try two or three of them. 

Next were the Renaissance favors. The packaging is simple yet complex at the same time. There is an inner clear box with a message about the 5almonds and their meaning.
This was my favorite array of treats and are fantastic to mix a few of your favorites. There were Chocolate Dragées, Almond Dragées, Magical Meringues and Petite Pistachios. The Petite Pistachios are candy coated little pearls with a nice crunch. My favorite were the odd shaped Magical Meringues. They were a beautiful peach color with a delicate coating of white chocolate and amazing meringue. I did not want to share even one little piece.  

Last are the Fleur De Sel Caramel. Beautifully wrapped in cellophane and alone are amazing for anyone to have. Sweet with a salty hint in the background. Delightful.

Overall I would recommend them not only for the effortless and amazing look that each and every piece has, but for the delicious flavors. It is not often I come across these confections that are made to be a special favor to guests at a special event to be tasty. Your guest will not keep them as a keepsake since I think once they try one they will consume to whole thing. 
 Here are a few pics from the brochure sent. How amazing are these confections. Here are a few ways they can personalize each and every piece. There are so many different treats to choose from.

For more information about the other types of treats that are available go to to personalize your favors for your next even or just to have on hand as a special treat. 
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