Thursday, July 4, 2013

Purex Insiders Join now!

If you are a blogger and like to get the inside scoop on new products, test them out and are active in your Social Media you may want to join Purex Insiders. Now is the time to join. They are accepting new bloggers now. I recently joined and have already been sent a product to try and review. I was even able to do a giveaway for free product coupons which was pretty amazing, not to mention hearing about products I have never heard of before and am thankful for being introduced to new products. 
There is a great community of bloggers you can communicate with and get tips from others like ourselves. Click in the link HERE to become a PUREX INSIDER now

Good Luck and look me up when you get there. Lets become blogging buddies!

Oh yes and a special mention to Amanda from Mom's coupon affair for introducing me to this pretty amazing site.