Saturday, July 13, 2013

IPSY June bag

 NYX Blush in "Sand" $5
This is a very shimmery golden color. I have been using it as a highlight. There is not much color that comes off, but has a great glow to it.
 J. Cat Sparkling Cream Palette $4.49
When you first look at it you may think it is for your eyes, but this is a body and face glitter palette. It is not recommended for the eyes.  I personally did not use this and I think it can go to someone else who would be happier and put this palette to good use. 

 Starlooks lip pencil in "bare" $12
This pencil glides on very easily. The color is a very natural lip color, but does need to be re-applied thru ought the day.

 Chella Highlighting Pencil in Ivory Lace $18
This pencil os beautiful and glides on so smoothly. I have been using this daily and wish I would have known about this before. 
Jcat Eyelashes in "EL47" $3.99
I am not an eyelash wearer, but I definitely want to be. These lashes just look perfect. Since I am not a pro at application I want to save this for a special occasion which is when I usually wear falsies :)
These just look just dramatic enough, but not so fake to where someone looks and says "eww too much"

Overall the June Ipsy bag is just as wonderful as many others. I would definitely recommend if you are looking in to joining a Beauty Subscription then I would suggest Ipsy. To join click HERE. The bag is only $10 per month. 
This month the total value amount of the bag was OVER $43.00
Good luck and I hope you enjoy you day/night