Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Fast Metabolism Diet

I received The Fast Metabolism Diet from Shespeaks to read and review. I was very excited to read and try out the tips and recommendations from Haylie Pomroy. I would just like to say up front when one is ready to have a change in lifestyle everything is much easier. 
I was not able to do the diet. I guess I am just not ready. 
The information in the book is exceptional. It all makes perfect sense with all the myths we all believe like the "calories in calories out, If I could eat less I'd finally lose weight" or "Desserts make us fat" myth. This is a 28 day regimen that includes diet and exercise. I am definitely going to try it again when I can focus and truly put my heart into this. I appreciate all the critical information on what foods do for you and the right foods at the right time. 
When I am ready I will try again. I need to put my mind into changing or modifying my diet. Changing food habits is the hardest thing to do. We all have to make that decision. It just so happens it did not work at this time because I was not ready to follow the amazing recommendations, but I will do another update when I start again. 

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