Saturday, February 2, 2013

Morning Star review

I was so lucky to be able to get in on the BzzAgent Morning Star campaign. I got the Chik Patties,  Grillers Prime Veggie Burger, Asian Veggie Patties and Regular Grillers.
I love the taste of these products.
The Chik Patties are almost exactly like a regular chicken patty. The crunchy top coat and the "meaty" inside is delicious (textured vegetable protein). 140 calories.I like to cut them in slices after cooking for my kids and they love them too. They cannot tell the difference. My sister-in-law attempted to give her boys the Veggie Burgers, but when they heard they were Veggie Burgers they said NO WAY! so she told them how about "Chicken" Patties. Of course they agreed and guess what?! They LOVED them LOL. She still to this day refuses to tell them they were not chicken. My kids love them no matter. They accept it just because it tastes great!

The Asian Veggie Patties were great too! I was a little shocked when the taste had a little kick to them. I was not expecting that at all. You can see and taste all the veggies in them. I loved that! There are Water chestnuts, celery, onion, bamboo shoots, and more! 100 calories. These are all Kosher too. 

Check out the Morning Star web page HERE for some unexpected recipes. These are a must try.
You can also take these Asian Veggie Patties and chop them up and add them to your stir-fry too. They already have amazingly good veggies in them and to add them to some cabbage, onion, carrots, broccoli, bell peppers, snow peas and french beans too. stir-fry them together with a little Oyster sauce and fish sauce just divine! You can eat it with or without rice depending on if you want to reduce and have a little less carbs. Either way it is delicious!

chop the broccoli & cabbage in to large chunks 
slice the bell peppers
cut onions in slim slices
cut the patties into slices
Heat the patties thru with a touch of canola oil in the pan

Add the onions and cook thru and add the rest of the veggies and a teaspoon of chopped garlic
Add oyster sauce and fish sauce to taste

This was sent to me to review from BzzAgent. No monetary profit was made. These are my personal opinions.