Monday, December 10, 2012

Covergirl blastflipstick

This is a review and a look at the Covergirl BlastFlipstick. This was sent from Bzzagent to review.
The Kit came with
  1. Multiple coupons to share with friends, family, neighbors and co-workers.  
  2. 3 Blastflipstcks in the colors stunner, Minx and Vixen
  3. The Official BzzGuide
My 1st thoughts before applying was mixed. I thought the packaging was very cute, but the colors were way out of my comfort zone. I was definitely going to give them a chance and try them all no matter how intimidating they seemed to me and surprisingly the darkest shade which I thought would look completely ridiculous was the one I thought looked the best.

A bright vivid coal pink with a glitter golden color.
The glitter mage the lipstick gritty and seemed to feel drying.
Upon removing there was still glitter residue on my lips.

Pink with a lighter shimmery pink. Very smooth in texture. 
Felt very good on the lips. 
You can also see here in the photo that there is a lot of product in the package. 

I was nervous to try, but was pleasantly surprised. This is a dark brown and very shimmery gold. 
It too was very soft and smooth on the lips and felt moisturizing.
This one seemed to make my teeth appear whiter than they normally are. I very much liked that. 
I was very surprised I liked this one the most. I think it would be great for a night out. 

Over all my thoughts were all of the colors are very bright and pigmented. They all applied smooth and silky except fro the one with the glitter in it (stunner). They do tend to stain your lips. That could be a good or bad thing depending on what you want. Tp have lingering color when applying it in the morning as long as it is the color you want would be a good thing. Then your lips would always have a flush of color even after the lip color wore out. 
The thing that most bothered me was the shape of the lipstick. It was difficult to maintain a straight line on my lips. I had to turn it to line my lips for an easier application. The flat shape was not easy to work with. 

You can get more information and see all the colors they have to offer on the Covergirl FB PAGE HERE or their web page HERE.
This was sent from Bzzagent to review all opinions are my own.