Sunday, December 30, 2012

December 2012 Birchbox All wrapped up

This was a pretty amazing Box this month! I loved all the neat and usable items in this box.

The extra this month was a refillable fragrance atomizer
$17 dollars in the BirchBox shop. This refillable fragrance atomizer has a screw on bottom in which you take a scent of your choosing and spray it into the container until it is full with your scent. Then you screw the cap pack on and wallah portable atomizer. It is a really sturdy design and is easy to rinse out and clean to refill with a different scent if desired since it has a large opening in the bottom.

Blush/ eyeshadow sample from The Balm in HOT MAMA
the full size is $22 in the BirchBox shop. I love this color, it is a beautiful warm tone and make you appear sun kissed in just the right place. This peachy shimmer color is my new favorite product. 

The color I got was in Warm Glow. Full size is $39 in the BirchBox Shop. For me it is a good base before my foundation. I need a lot more coverage.

Full size is $22 in the BirchBox shop. This was an Allure beauty award winning product. It is made with pure botanicals which is a better way than some other dry shampoos. This is a powerful dry shampoo (the sprayer is really strong) and no flakiness or residue left over. 

Perfume Sample from Juliette has a Gun in Mad Madame 
This scent is 
The full size 100ml is a whopping $100 in the BirchBox shop WOW! That is a pretty penny I have to say. 

Overall a really awesome box and I hope to get more boxed like this in the future!
If you are interested in getting a subscription from Birchbox click HERE. It is $10 per month shipping included and you get to earn BirchBox point which you can use to purchase items from the BirchBox shop like in my last Haul I posted click HERE if you are interested in checking out my haul.