Sunday, October 21, 2012

Phyto Review & Giveaway

 Review and giveaway 
Phyto hair products
Included in the phyto bag is:
  1. 4 phyto phytojoba shampoo samples
  2. 4 phyto phytojoba mask samples
  3. 4 phyto phytodefrisant samples
  4. 3 phyto 9 daily ultra nourishing botanical cream
  5. 1 phyto phytolisse finishing serum sample
First a little about phyo. It is a natural hair care line using high concentrations of botanical extracts to bring out hairs natural beauty. They also use environmentally friendly packaging by using aluminum packaging or glass containers.

Next a little about my hair.

  1. Texture- has changed after having children. It use to be very straight and now is slightly wavy. Fine and thin 
  2. Length - very long to my lower back nearly my waist.
  3. Type - Dry from heat tools and coloring (sparse gray hair)
  4. Problem - Besides stated above I have split ends and by the end of a work day I have so many knots on the underside of my hair from all my split ends

The phytojoba shampoo -  is used for hydrating hair for dry medium-coarse hair.
Phyto Phytojoba Shampoo 6.7 ozIt has a great scent. It reminds me of cotton mixed with coconut. In 1 packet I could get 2 shampoos. They recommend to wash twice and leaving on for about  minutes. This made my hair and scalp feel so good and not dry or itchy. It has a great lather which is what I want in any shampoo. 

The phyojoba mask- has a citrus scent and it is recommended to use approximately a quarter sized amount of product. For me I had to use the whole packet and I feel that I needed more than what was in the packet due to the length of my hair.  I you have med-short hair the one packet would probably do just fine for you.  I applied it to the middle of my hair length to the ends and combed through just as recommended. While combing through it starts to develop a lather and coats all of your hair which was pretty surprising. It seemed to double the products amount while combing through my hair. Leave set for 3-5 minutes and rinse. I personally did not notice a big difference with the mask. I think if it was a thicker consistency it would do better. 

The phyto 9 daily ultra nourishing cream is a leave in treatment for dehydrated med-coarse hair. This is my favorite product I think. You apply it to damp hair. I usually wash my hair at night before bed. I know it is not good to go to sleep with wet hair, but it is something that just happens to be in my daily routine. We all have busy lives and this is mine. I love that I can apply this cream and while I sleep it is working to help keep my hair more hydrated and prevent more dryness and split ends. It smells  very light and clean/fresh. It is a thick cream and easy to apply and comb though your hair. I feel like it has helped with minimizing the tangles and knots in my hair. 
The phytodefrisant is heat activated and is to be used on dampened hair before heat styling to keep your hair sleek and soft. This is a gel like consistency and does keep my hair flat and frizz free. I have flat ironed my hair for quite a while which has caused heat damage and split ends. This helps protect my hair for my styling tools. I also like that it is a gel and not a spray cause you can feel exactly where you are applying the product and not just hope that you protected your hair in case the spray does not cover all the areas needed to be protected.

The phytolisse finishing serum helps get rid of my many fly aways. This happens to us thin/fine haired ladies. It helps control the fly aways without weighing down my hair or giving it a greasy look. BTW not a good look. IT smells like mens cologne and feels so wonderful in my hair. It is great cause it give my hair a really healthy shine. Just like I was 18 again (smiling). 

All of these products were provide to me by for review. you can get more information on all the products above and many more on their website from skin, hair and nails. I hope this was helpful information.
Also check out their facebook page. They often do giveaways and it is the easiest place to get your questions answered by them. You can also follow them on twitter for the latest up to date information about their site. Thank you to for sending out these products to try out. It was fun and interesting to learn about new products. 

You can click on any of the links above for more information about the products. 
Now on to the giveaway!
Included in the giveaway will be the same bag full of Phyto products as picture above. That way you can try them out like I did. Please enter thru the rafflecopter below. The products were sent to me and I will be shipping this out myself. This contest is only US and Canada due to it having liquids. 

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All items were sent for review. All opinions are my own honest opinions.