Thursday, October 11, 2012

Influenster What is it?

Have you heard?
If you haven't where have you been? 
Influenster is a great site where you can get chosen to receive a VoxBox. 
What is a Vox Box? I'll tell you. It is a box sent to you for FREE, yes I said FREE. Depending on the theme is what you will get in the VoxBox. Here are a few of the VoxBoxes I have received below.
Holiday VoxBox 

Love VoxBox

Mom VoxBox
    you can also get Brand challenge wins too!

I have won from the following Brand Challenges

  1. Soft Soap (Soft soap)
  2. Impress nails (Impress nails, nail dress)
  3. Ivory (12pk Ivory soap, liquid body wash)
  4. Palmolive/Colgate (Palmolive hand soap, Colgate toothpaste, oven mitt)
  5. Truvia (shirt, thumb drive, hat, mints, truvia of course)
They include awesome items and these are also free. To get involved in Influenster you just need to spread the word and do some fun challenges. They range from liking and or following the brands on facebook  or twitter. To taking photos and posting on the Brand pages, doing reviews, blogging or volgging. It really is fun and a great way to try out new things from interesting companies!! Remember to share. That is key! Good Luck and I hope you guys join! It's So worth it!
I would so encourage you to join influenster if this all sounds interesting to you. If you would like to join it is now by invite only. If you would like an invite please send me a message with your email address and I will send you an invite! 
Check out the many videos I have for Influenster 
These are just a few, but there are many more!!