Sunday, September 30, 2012

Back to School Cravebox

I was so happy to be one of the lucky ones to get chosen for this box! When it comes to Cravebox they have a regular subscription service which are available to a limited number of subscriber. Then they have the Limited edition boxes which are available to subscribers and those of you who are still on the waiting list by a random draw. For those of you who have yet to experience the Cravebox this is a great hint of what is to come in you future Cravebox once you get off the waiting list. 
Included in my Back to school cravebox is:
  1. Halo Oral antiseptic spray
  2. Aloe Vera Gel from Fruite of the earth
  3. Slim Packs from Kleenex
  4. Coupon for a FREE lunchables with Smoothie
  5. Yummie Bears children's vitamins
  6. Little Pim DVD
  7. BIC atlantis pens
  8. BIC atlantis mechanical pencils

Halo Children's oral antiseptic spray:
I have yet to use the Halo spray. I haven't had the need to use it just yet, but I know we will definitely have the chance this fall and winter. My son and daughter just got over a terrible cold recently and would have been niceto use before they got sick, but if any of my kids get sick again the rest of us will use the spray to help prevent the rest of the family from getting sick!

Aloe Vera Gel from Fruit of the Earth:
Summer is over and almost all of off passed without getting sun burned except for one of my children. He was over with the burn by the time the Back to School Cravebox came in but with Winter approaching, so does the dry skin too. All of my kids have pretty dry skin especially in the Winter. This is going to be great to try out and help soothe their itchy dry arms and legs.
Slim packs from Kleenex:
They are all gone! Need I say more. These were a great useful item. Not to mention how awesome the packaging is. I like that it is completely closed off. Not an opening on the top.

Lunchables with the Smoothie:
I have yet to get this I cannot seem to find these anywhere. They must be really good. My kids always eat lunchables. The Smoothie is a great nutritional boost. Especially my kids are so skinny and need to eat as much as possible :)

Yummie Bears vitamins:
Well if you watched my video... I liked them and my daughter did too! She kept asking me for more, but of course she can only have what is allowed. My other kids also liked them. I have to watch my middle son, cause he sneaks them from the container. Even when I close them tightly and hide them. He finds them.

BIC Atlantis pens and mechanical pencils:
Well I absolutely love colored pens! I use them to organize my thoughts on paper. All the colors have a different meaning in my head and on paper. The mechanical pencils went to my boys for school. I love how the pens write! Ahh how nice!
Little Pim:
This is a cute DVD for my daughter. She is going to have to use this for a while to learn to speak, but I think the concept of watching what they are doing is cool, but if I didn't know a little spanish I don't think I would know what the words meant. Maybe after a little while watching it I can tell a little more.
My daughter was very interested in it though. I will continue to let her watch it. She often finds childrens movies on youtube in different languages and still watches them.
I really loved my back to school Cravebox! I was fun and very useful to all of us!
If you are interested in Cravebox click HERE
Thank you!!