Saturday, September 1, 2012

Influenster Mom VoxBox 2012

Influenster's Mom VoxBox
Influenster is a great program. You get to try out products for FREE. Some are new and some are items that maybe you never thought of trying. After giving it a go you can spread the word on you thoughts about the items you got to try out! They many fun brand challenges that help you get the word out. Once you finish doing your Brand Challenges you have another chance at getting more free products from the brands themselves. If you unlock your brand challenges you may be chosen to get a prize pack from the brands too!
In the Mom Superstar challenge we got to try out 
  1. Stash Tea (Nektar Honey Crystals)
  2. Impress nail 
  3. DenTek Flossers
  4. Quaker Oatmeal Soft Baked Oatmeal Cookies
  5. Ivory Bar soap
  6. Dino Lingo trial

Stash Tea  - came in so many yummy flavors, but I have to say my favorite was the pomegranate! You really don't need any sweetener if you add lemon it is amazing!

 The impress was really pretty and looked nice, but the fit was not great for my nails. From the top they looked amazing, but from the side and bottom looked really bad. You could tell they just did not fit. My sister-in law on the other hand.... They not only looked beautiful, but they fit her perfectly (so jealous). You could not see the seams. I wish it did for me too, so I do know that if you have the right type of nail beds they will look AMAZING.

Allison loved it!!  (BTW I did too!) soft and chewy and tasted so good is there anything else to say about an Oatmeal Cookie? YUM!

The Dino Ling was interesting and funny to watch, but my son was not interested that much. It was harder to know what you are suppose to say since there were no sub-titles. You had to guess about the exact word you were saying/repeating.

The Ivory is great for cleaning my makeup brushes. I still am using it and love how my brushes come out brand new. I have tried the baby shampoo, but that does not clean my brushes like this. I thought all along that my brushes would just stay stained until I tried the Ivory. I would definitely recommend it! 

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Thank you so much !