Saturday, September 22, 2012

UNREAL Candy unjunked review

I was sent coupon to get this product for free to try and give my honest opinions from Bzzagent.
I was very interested in trying out this candy. Although I am not a major candy eater, I do from time to time like to eat some chocholate. I am very aware that an excess of sugar in you diet can lead to belly fat. I often try to avoid added sugar and sweets as much as possible. Those little candy bars during Halloween have more sugar in it than you need in an entire day if you eat just 2 little pieces. That's awful! So when I read the contents of each bar I was pleasantly surprised.

Peanutbutter cups (reeses) 11g sugar vs 21g
Chocolate caramel nougut (milkyway) 19g sugar vs 35g
Chocolate candy shell (m&m) 17g sugar vs 31g

for more information on UNREAL Candy check them out here or on their FB PAGE here

I appreciate that they get their coloring for their candies from food like
Blue - cabbage
Green - Tumeric root and cabbage
Purple - beets
orange - Achiote tree seed
yellow - tumeric root

Not artificial dyes

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