Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The many uses of Ivory

I recieved the Ivory Soap from Influenster in my Mom VoxBox to try out and give my honest opinion and thoughts. 
 I really have not seen Ivory Bar soap in such a long time. I have use the body wash and love it so when I opened the bar soap I thought what else besides body soap could I use this for. I found out that it is great to use for 
  1. laundry soap by flaking pieces off into your laundry
  2. as a spot stain remover ( ring around the collar and food stains)
  3. facial cleanser 
  4. crafty things like soap carving and I even saw one mom make colored soap wash from it.
  5. Fun in the tub for kids cause it floats in the tub
What I decided to use it for was to clean my makeup brushes. I have to be honest I am not the most frequent brush cleaner around. The only reason for that is that it takes forever and I always have to wash them 2-3 times to get it clean and even then they are not completely clean so I kind of think.... why bother...... 

So here is my first brush I use this to apply foundation and you can see the brown tips. 

I was completely AMAZED at how clean the brushes got! I mean really really amazed. I only washed it once and didn't even spend much time on it. I just rubbed, swirled and rinsed and Ta-Da!
Who knew? Don't spend all that wasted money on fancy cleansers and wasted time washing and re washing your brushes. One time and they are completely clean!!
Oh and by the way believe it or not it is 99.44% pure! (funny it floats)

Thank you so very much for opening my eyes to a whole new use and time saver for cleaning my make-up brushes!! 
You can purchase Ivory Soap from the Grocery store or any drug stores. 
Check out IVORY here for more information and to go to the online Facebook community where eveyday moms can share tips with other to simplify out lives.
Thank you Influenster and Ivory!