Saturday, July 21, 2012

July Summer BBQ Crave Box

I was happy to come home and see my Cravebox waiting for me at the door. It was drenched from the rain, but a carried it in happily.
So let's take a look at the contents!

From mozaik 48 piece appetizer set.
First I have to say these are these super cute! The white ones  like glass plates. The forks look like silverwear. It is so cute and a great concept! I cannot wait to use this for my daughter's birthday party coming up next week.
For more info on Moazik click HERE

From True Lemon, 10 pack drink mix
I love these portable drink mixes and I especially love lemonade! These are great especially on vacation when you buy bottled water which is cheaper than soda, and you can make your own flavored drink and it doesn't weigh anything in your bag. Oh Cravebox did you read my mind?
For more info on True Lemon and other flavors click HERE
Check out their FB page and follow on Twitter too!

From BIC, a coupon for a BIC multipurpose lighter. I already cashed this one in cause BBQ time is coming and I need this so I wont torch my fingers in the grilling process. I will be doing some outdoor cooking next week for my daughters Birthday. So far everything is going to good use! I also have so many candles and I had the smallest lighter known to man to light my candles and let me tell you reaching in a candle that is nearly burned to the bottom is quite awkward to light and a little hazardous to my fingers too!
For more on BIC click HERE

From Mighty Leaf tea in Sunburst. I have not brewed this yet. I think I want to wait to share this with others who love tea like me. My dad is a tea drinker and he will help finish this off with me. I think adding the lemon drink mix to it might be a tasty mix. We will see.
For more info on the different flavors and more click HERE
Check out their FB page and twitter too!

Also from BIC, Flamedisk. For outdoor grilling. This is such a great idea. Especially when you want a quick light up and it burns for up to 30-45 minutes. I especially like the clean and quick clean up. Who likes to clean their charcoal grills? Raise your hands..... No one does! So pleased and will be using this on the Birthday too!
For more info on the BIC flamedisk click HERE and check out their FB page too

Everything will be put to good use! A great prize for me, cause this was so worth my $10 which is the cost of the Cravebox. Everything went together perfectly and will help with putting on my Summer Party for my daughter's Birthday!
Thanks Cravebox for all the great items in this Summer BBQ Box!
If you are interested in joining click HERE. There may be a waiting list, but opening are going on all the time!! Good luck!

Also wish me luck on entering for a chance to win another Summer BBQ box (or 2) for my blog and or you tube followers! If I win I will do a giveaway for my you tube followers and or one for my blog! Wish me luck too!!

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