Saturday, July 21, 2012

July Glamour Birchbox

I love the boxes that are collabs with different companies! It makes it that much more fun!
Here is what was included in My 
July Glamour Birchbox

It is quite obvious that they are doing the 5 Senses!
These are my 1st thoughts.
So let's take a look at each below
The cutest ear buds EVER!! The pair I had were pretty pathetic and needed to be buried. There was only one ear bud left and they were very uncomfortable. Check out my video at the end to see how sad they were.

I thought it was interesting that they have 5 flavors and each flavor is for a certain reason. Example is retreat (relax), reboot, resist (antioxidants), regroup (mine to focus), and results 
Pretty cool! (and its a cool packaging too)

Juliette Has a Gun Lady Vengeance. This is a nice sample I would have loved a sprayer on it cause it just distributes more evenly when applied. This has a fresh floral, musk like scent.

Initially when I opened this I thought it was a face mask. Luckily I read the little print on the back and realized it is a HAIR MASQUE. It smells really tropical and makes you say ahhhh. I  t is a little thinner in consistency than other hair masques and I have not yet tried it.  GLOSS/Moderne Hair mask

This was something I was excited to come in my Glamour Birchbox. I have heard so much about the Stila Lip Glazes and was so happy to finally get one. The color I got was "lights". A very pretty peachy nude with shimmer in it. I love this color. I also like the feel of this gloss. It is not too sticky and is a perfect color for every day.

I LOVE blotting sheets. I have them at home, in my car, in my purse and at work. I also do not have the same one in either location. There are so many types of sheets from plastic like to paper one. With antioxidants to acne prevention properties. Theses are very nice cause they have green tea extract and smell just like green tea. They are also more paper like vs the plastic type. They are also quite large compared to most blotting paper/sheets. These are AWESOME! Just the scent makes me feel healthy and perky like I just did something right for my skin. 

That is my contents for my July Glamour Birchbox. I am excited for the upcoming months and hope that they will continue to send great boxes out. I know that there are different contents in everyones Birchbox based on their profile entered when you join, but it would be nice to chose the product you get. Sometimes I see other boxes and think man I would have prefered that over something I got in my box. At the same time it is exciting to get the element of SURPRISE too. 

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