Saturday, May 26, 2012

May BirchBox Gossip Girl

This month was suppose to be a big month. BirchBox has been doing something different and teaming up with different companies. The 1st was Teen Vogue. That was AMAZING! This month was everything to do with the TV show Gossip Girl.

Theme: Black Tie Ball


  • Perfume sample: Arquiste Strong and fresh, but smells more like a men's fragrance 

  • Stila waterproof sparkle eyeliner the color I received was Starry
Full size is 1.7 oz. $22.00
When I swatched the liner on my arm it did not come off for anything. It has a slight sparkle which is barely visible when used. I thought I was going to have a really difficult time removing it, but if you remove it with warm water it just rolls right off. It is almost like the mascara that comes off in little tubes. Very similar and easy to remove.  

  • Miracle skin transformer Body in GLOW with SPF 20
Full size 3.38 oz $34.00
This is a great thing! It makes my pale legs have a bit of color and look healthy and glowing since I have yet to get any sun this year. Smells just like sunscreen. I could also use it on my shoulders when wearing a strapless dress to hide the "farmer tan" from my tank tops. This is one of those Why Didn't I Think of That products. So smart and good for you too with the SPF.

  • Ojon volume advance Shampoo
Full size 8.5 fl oz. $22.00
This smells like I just got my hair done in a salon. This was good for about 3 1/2 uses. I did like it, but I would never pay $22 for a bottle of regular sized shampoo. That seems a bit extreme to me. It was nice, but not out of this world. Thanks for the sample and chance to use.  I have very long weighed down hair and I didn't notice a huge lift in my hair.

  • Extra a note card with XOXO on one side. I am going to send my Honey a little message with it! I think he will appreciate it. Afterall it does have the Hugs and Kisses on the back. Sending a special little hand written message is way better than a text any day. Think about it Wouldn't you like to get a little note for no reason? OF COURSE YOU WOULD!! 
I you would like to join BirchBox click HERE! It is only $10 per month and you can earn point that you can use later to purchase from the Birchbox store. I already have 600 points that's $60. Just waiting for that item to call out to me :D

That's what I have for you!! Thanks for stopping by