Saturday, May 26, 2012

MyGlam May 2012

This is my May MyGlam Bag
Theme is Love is in the Air
The bag is so cute. I think I will give it to someone that will enjoy it cause I have so many bags I really don't know what to do with them all.

  • 2 brushes. These are the last 2 in the collection  of eye brushes. I wonder if face brushes will be next. The larger one is a concealer brush and the smaller is a liner brush
Very soft. I have not found a use for it just yet because currently I and using an old angle brush as my liner brush. I know I will use the thin liner brush when I plan on using my gel liner, but I am not currently using gel liner in the pot. I like the look of a brown shadow on my lower lash line and use a liquid felt pen for my top liner. 
This was a great idea especially for those who may not have had any brushes or a collection of different eye brushes. This was a great start for their makeup bag. 

  • Miss Beauty Nail Bling. Style is silver "bling" and hearts. Initially I though how cute I would love to try this out. I really was looking forward to wearing them, but after looking at them I wonder how easy it will or will not be to apply correctly. It your nails are too short it may cut off the heart design. I will have to test this out and update this blog at a later date. 
to apply just peel and stick. They are stickers and not nail polish strips. No need to use polish remover just peel them off. 

  • Studio Gear lipstick in Burnished rose
$22.00  The package was very attractive in the matte case. It was not a rose color. It was a a little too orange for my taste. If you look at the picture you can see the lipstick was not set into the tube correctly either. It is angled towards the corner of the tube making it awkward to apply. This was weird. I also thought that the color selection did not have anything to do with the season. I almost think they were left overs. Although I like the fact they sent makeup I just wish is was the spring time colors. 

  • Perfume sample Love sweet love
I really liked this scent. It was strong, but fresh fruity and floral but nothing over powering the other. It is a perfect mix.
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