Saturday, April 21, 2012

MyGlam April2012

Here is my April 2012 My Glam bag!!! 
UPDATE!!!!! So sorry, The perfume was not with the Bag. That was actually part of my Birchbox and got it mixed in with MyGlam Bag.
I am very pleased with my bag. I know many others were not so happy, but imaging this bag is only $10. It comes with 2 brushes, a medium sized eyeliner from Urban Decay, a set of false eyelashes, a lip quench from the Dermstore and lastly the makeup bag. 


             I received 2 more eye shadow brushes, an allover eye shadow brush and an eyeliner brush. I do love the eyeliner brush. I always go for a shadow liner on my lower lash line vs an eye liner pencil. I just think it is less harsh when it is applied that way.   It really has a great edge on it and I know I will have great use for it. And besides that it fits in my nice case that I got last month for travel. No more squishing my brushes in a bag and messing up my bristles. Now they can stay like they should.                                          

Next is the Urban Decay 24/7 eye liner in Woodstock. It is blendable for about 30 seconds then stays on all day. Now the color I received is a bit scary to me. I need to figure out how to use this without looking like I have pink-eye. I am looking up some tips and hope to find something that is wearable. Otherwise I think I may try it as a lip liner and blend it with a neutral color to mellow it out a bit. If you have any tips let me know.

This next one from the DERMSTORE is a lip Quench. The first thing I noticed was the sweet scent of strawberries and immediately I wanted to apply it to my lips. I removed what I was wearing already and applied right away. This really is so soft feeling and the smell again was so yummy. It has just a tinge of pink, but the color does not show when applied. I think this is worth it! The cost of this is $12 on the DERMSTORE website. If you purchase $30 or more on their site you can get $15 off with the code APRIL15.

Lastly is these false eyelashes from All-Belle. The style I think is Red Wedding. They are a natural looking lash. I have yet to try them, but want to try in the near future. I do not wear false lashes on a daily basis like many people do, but it is great to have for the time you want a little pop for your eyes. 

If you are interested in MyGlam check out their site HERE

 Thanks!! Have a great day!!