Sunday, April 22, 2012

BeautyBox5 April 2012

This month for our BB5 we received 5 samples. (4samples and 1 refill) you'll see down below.

Beauty Box 5 is  monthly subscription program like many other subscription services. You can join BB5 for $12/month HERE. This is a referral link and would really welcome and appreciate if you join, to join via the link provided. Thank you if you do. 
 The 1st item in the box and in my opinion the best item in the box was from it is an eyeshadow refill in Mango Tango. This is really a great color. This is a color that is being brought out all over the place for this spring. In person the color is vibrant and orange/tangerine/coral like in color. In the picture it comes off a bit more pink. The cost for this refill is $5.99 on the makeupgeek website. 

42 cents
$3.60 ??
<50 cents 

Other items Included:
1 Pur-lisse sample of daily moisturizer
1 makeup wipe remover
1 sunscreen wipe spf 30
1 Freeman Exfoliating face scrub 

My thoughts on this month's box is that is was nothing too impressive. I do understand the purpose of these boxes are to introduce buyer like me to new products that we may not purchase on our own. Or something we may have never heard of. I am glad I have learned of many new things from these subscription boxes. The only thing is that this box is $12 vs the typical $10 so I would expect better things in the box compared to others. Last month I really liked the box. There were a few full sized products that I am still using and will be continuing to use for some time after this post. This month I will be out of the majority of the items after a single use. For that reason alone is why I am not pleased with the box. I hope next month it will make up for this month. We will see what happens, until then Chow chow for now!!

Here is a link to last months box March 2012