Thursday, March 22, 2012

February Make a date CRAVEBOX

Here is what I have been waiting for!!! 
This is my Free Cravebox from my blog posting HERE.
 I was super happy when I opened my mailbox and saw the beautiful Sticker right on the front. I really didn't know that it was going to be the Febrary Cravebox. I am so pleased with the contents of the box. 
Let's get right down to the contents of the CRAVEBOX

  • Moisture Bound it is a pure botanical moisturizing mist. it is oil-free, water-free. It can be used for a boost to freshen up your skin or as a post makeup setting spray. This smells so wonderful & fresh. Like in a bed of flowers

*$35 2.7 fl oz full size
*1.0 fl oz sent = approx $15 my rough estimate
  • Treatment cleansing foam is a hydrating & purifying facial cleanser & has botanical extracts.  It can also be used as a great shaving foam. 
*$9 1.0 oz. No specific size noted on their site

Downy Wrinkle Releaser I love this stuff!! When you have a few wrinkles left in your clothing after removing from the dryer, just spray and smooth. It works wonders. The smell is typical for Downy, refreshing and makes you want to take a deep breath. You can pick this up in any drugstore or mass retailer.                   *3 oz travel size approx $2

Think Thin bars (2) - Creamy Peanut butter and Chocolate dipped mixed nuts. They have high protein, no sugar, gluten free, Crunch & fruit bars, and even bites. Check out theire site HERE for more info.
*$1.99 per bar
BIC mark it permanent thin markers are just a fun way to "mark it" or label anything you want. With the fine tip no need to worry about writing an a small space. Who doesn't want or need a great BIC permanent marker?
*$3.17 for 12 a really spectacular price on BIC store on
EBOOST daily energy booster a dietary supplement to give you a Boost in a tangy citrus flavor. Check out their products HERE
*$28 for 20 packs
*$1.40 for 1 pack (3 packs sent) (approx. $4.20)  

This was an AMAZING subscription for $10/month- shipping is included!
I like that you can pay with PayPal too. Very convenient 
Click HERE to join in on the invitation list (US only).

THANK YOU so much to CRAVEBOX for the opportunity to have this FREE CRAVEBOX
Chow chow for now