Tuesday, March 20, 2012

BirchBox march Teen Vogue

This was a completely AMAZING BirchBox! I was so pleased with everything in the box. Even the twist band! 
March BirchBox Teen Vogue Edition

This was my favorite part! I absolutely love Tarte products. Not only do they apply well and look good, but they a re crulty free too! Did you notice that the color is just like the BirchBox Pink? It applies so smoothly and has a barbie like pink color. Very sweet and innocent. 
I received the 
*TarteLipsurgence lip tint in AMUSED
*Full size sent $24

Next was a Beautiful ESSIE polish                    *Full size sent - $8               A cut Above   This is one of my favorite colors. Pink and glittery! Can't get any better The pic is with 3 coats of only this top coat. Just to see what it looks like alone. Everyone asking what is that on my nails? 

This twist band in gold is perfect! I just removed my old hair tie from my wrist and use this one now. It goes on easily and doesn't pull out my hair when I remove it. Best part it stays in place! I know some people think this is a cheesy product for our BirchBox, but I think it is perfect for me. Perfect for a cute touch on my wrist instead of the usual black or brown hair bands. I have been asked what is that? I tell them a hair tie and response... cute where did you get it?
One hair tie - $1.50 each

Next is a  perfume from ANNiCK GOUTAL in Petite Cherie.                                           This is a very "professional" scent. Classic and very nice

Lastly is *Oil blotting sheets from SHISEIDO 10 sheets - $1.80. Nothing much to say. They are a little larger than the usual sheets and these are more paper like. Sometime they are a plastic like sheet or paper like. Very useful and will keep in my purse till I run out. 

This BirchBox was Fantastic and so worth it! It had the perfect amount of makeup and other beauty items enclosed.  A lip color, a polish, oil sheets and a hair tie. To finish a pretty scent this month. If you would like to join BirchBox click HERE and sign up!!