Thursday, February 16, 2012

Prizemail from Ruby Kisses

I entered a giveaway on Twitter by following@loverubykisses.  So they have a new line of Jellicious Glosses. The one I won was on the very far right called Juicy Lip Service. Now I thought it was going to be just like all the other glosses out there, sticky, pale and a bit messy. I was wrong about it and there was a pleasant surprise about it too!

First the package is cute and as they said the inside cap is pink inside.  How cute that they thought of the inside of the cap? Definitely matches their Logo. For $1.99 what more can you ask for.

 The color is so pigmented and to be honest it looks like a blood red. The first thing I noticed when I applied it was the taste. It was so fruity and yummy. The next was the yummy scent to go with it. It smells like pink bubble gum. Then when I looked in the mirror cause I didn't look in the mirror before applying it. I was shocked by the color. It is a very bright RED. Very blood like. I have to say you should use a mirror to apply it cause unlike other glosses where any minor slip ups don't show cause it's a typical gloss without much color. This one shows all the mistakes when you do not apply it right. The consistency is thick and a bit sticky, but not a sticky as the elf glosses in the tube. Being a gloss you do have to reapply, but that is expected of a gloss in my opinion. Overall great for the money and will last a long time. 
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