Thursday, February 16, 2012

BirchBox February 2012


February 2012 BirchBox
"This month's samples are to highlight you awesomeness - and maybe attract a little attention"

Eye Rock Designer Liner
Instant eyeliner tapes. One time use only. Peel and stick. I really was interested in the, but do not think I will use them. I was contemplating including it in my next giveaway or maybe just test it out for review purposes. Still deciding on that. It seem like the next gimmick jumping on the band wagon of stick on items along with the stick on nail polish and lip tattoos. 
I have seen photos and they do look interesting, but I think someone younger could pull this off and have fun with it.
This may possibly be included in my next giveaway if there is a want for it!

*Full Price for 2 sets = $13.00
*Sample recieved 1 set = $6.50

 Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution

A trio of natural actives—vitamin C, white birch, and peony extracts—works to reduce the look of dark spots, acne scars, and discoloration, leaving your complexion visibly brighter. Use after cleansing face by apllying a thin layer. As you know I am always on the lookout for something to rid me of my hyperpigmentation on my face. Excited to try this one!
It has a very strong hospital like smell. I think that means it works good! LOL

*Full size 1 fl oz = $49.50
*Sample recieved 0.14 fl oz = approx $7.49

Colorescience Pro Pressed Mineral Foundation

The superfine mineral powder hides flaws and absorbs shine, leaving skin perfectly matte. This seems like the perfect idea. It is one of those "why didn't I think of that?" moments

*Full size 0.42 oz = $50.00
*Sample sent 0.052 oz = approx $4.50-$6.00

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel
for Sensitive skin

An at home face peel for visible smooth results. Use 1-2 times a week for about 10 min and rinse. Expect to feel a tingling sensation from the Juice Beauty. And it's ORGANIC. I have never tried and at home facial peel, so this is going to be interesting. I am guessing I should try this when I know I will be off the next day.... just in case there are any bad reactions. You know what I mean? 
But this is for sensitive skin so I am not expecting anything bad to happen.

*Full size 2 oz = $39.00
*Sample given 0.17 fl oz = approx $4-$5.00

This month's Extra:
Chuao ChuaoPod Caddy
Made from Venezuelan cocoa and mixed in 2 varieties Spicy Maya (mix of cayenne pepper, pasilla chile, and cinnamon) and Firecraker (Infused with chipotle spices and mind-blowing bits of popping candy). I got the Spicy Maya flavor and unfortunately mine was completely melted. The day I received it it was so hot so I am sure that was the culprit! If it was just a couple of days earlier it would have probably made it as per it's original state. It was unusually cold down here in Miami. It was a whopping 48degrees!! I know that must be mild for others, but here in Miami it is FREEZING!

*Full Size 12 ChochoPods = $9.95
*Sample sent 1 mini ChochoPod = $0.83


 Last but definitely not least, this AWESOME band Green River Ordinance. There are 6 free digital downloads!!! Every single song is AMAZING!! I cannot stop listening to their songs. I have heard them on the radio, but never knew how much I liked their music till I downloaded all these songs and listened and payed attention to the songs. Loving them right now! This was a great great pick from BirchBox! When I first heard of a digital DL, I thought oh brother a cheapy way to get out of giving something great, but as you can tell I was so wrong!

To sum it up the total came out to about
in my rough estimation :)
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