Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Glam February 2012

We got really great hints this month. Although I myself didn't guess them well the Glammmies sure did!!! Looking at the fb MyGlam page the Glammies were right on point and I think they guessed really well. They are a bunch of investigators and are a very diligent group of ladies! So below were the hints!! 

AND Here is what we received:

A gift card for $100 off of a styling tool or hair extensions is what was given to us glammies. $160 for the dryer in photo above & $189.00 for the mini straightener. The 3 sum comes with the vintage straightener, curling wand and a mini straightener for $229.00. I do not think I will be purchasing any of the products because for me this is way to much to spend on a styling device...... My Conair straightener from Walgreens does just fine at a whopping $20 on sale. The cheapest thing for you to get is a mini I believe and it is about *$15 out of pocket. 

Roll on eye shimmer 16 shades available. Roll on your eyes, body or face. The color I received was Nude. This reminds me of the Everyday minerals eyeshadow rollers. The experience I have with the roller is that it is very messy. This roller ball is not as messy though. Now when I applied this shimmer to my hand and arm the shimmer really was unbelievable! I had never seen so much shimmer come from one product! This was completely AMAZING!!! The color is very much my shade too! Once again The My Glam team chose the perfect color choice for me again! I do like the shimmer shadows, so I think I can work this into my routine here and there. The picture does not show the quality and amount of shimmer. It is like looking at Edward from Twillight in the sun, how he sparkles in the light. That is the oerfect explination for how it looks in person. My February My Glam Bag video shows the shimmer very will though.

*Full size given $4.50

Next on the list is the Shine control from X Out. It is an oil-free moisturizer with a mattifying complex to help instantly absorb oil. It says it is an ideal primer for your makeup. This sounds FANTASTIC!! I heard about the X Out face wash from the Holiday Vox Box, there was nothing bad said about it. On the contrary there were many good reports about it. I am always up for new face primers! I cannot wait to try it out!
You can also get a one time delivery, but you have to purchase the wash and shine control for *$19.95 or you can sign up for an auto ship monthly service of *$19.95/month or *$39.90/60days. 

The Freeman Face mask in either Pinapple Facial Enzyme mask (Exfoliate) or the Gogi berry facial hydration mask (moisturize). Either of these are great. I received the Facial Hydration Mask with Goji Berry                   *Full size 6 fl oz $10                                            *Sample size given 0.5 fl oz approx $0.83

Finally Cinderella Mask from Dead Sea Premier. Says watch before your eyes for your skin to become firmer and fine lines instantly tighten. It also had a very small eye cream sample too. There was also a discount code for 50% off using code: MYGLAM 
*Full size 2.04 fl oz $149.95
*Sample size really small LOL  $?.??

Yummy Ghiradelli Chocolates. The milk chocolate was gone right after this photo. A little mouse ate it. 

Thank you to the My Glam Team for another wonderful bag!