Friday, May 8, 2015

Sunsella Buddy Boxes?

Sunsella Buddy Box is great for a few things, but the obvious is for food storage.

This comes in a set of four. This has 3 separate compartments, all different sizes. This is great for meal prep for the week as well. 

They have bold, vibrant and fun colored tops. The containers are a firm plastic to the top and bottom. The lids are not leak proof, so you do have to be careful as to not place any liquids/sauces in the containers. I prefer to have salads for lunch and to be able to keep certain things separate and keeping my salad  crisp is very important to me. I am glad I am able to keep it all in one container vs the way I normally have it. One container for my salad, 1 container for my protein and a sandwich bag for my toppings like croutons. This is much less to carry with me. 

The containers are easy to clean and they stack perfectly for storage. 

Product Description

Healthy and nutritious options are easy for your kids lunches with Buddy Box!
4 colorful lids that are fantastic for color-coding different lunches for the whole family

Great as a work lunch box - plan and prepare lunch in advance and store in the fridge
for quick and easy, hassle free mornings

One size fits all - Ideal size for Mom, Dad and Kids too!

Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup

Buddy Box makes meal planning simple - add variety to your lunches with the

3 compartment design, different food combinations are endless...

No need for multiple different size containers with Sunsella Buddy Box you can just have
everything in one

Have pre-prepared healthy snacks like fruit slices or vegetable sticks on hand in the fridge
for quick and nutritious options for your children

Stackable design means storing your upcoming lunches in the fridge takes up less room and 
when not in use stack together for space saving storage

BPA, phthalate and lead free materials that have been independently tested to ensure

they meet strict FDA standards so you can be sure Buddy Box are safe for your family

Some other uses for Sunsella Buddy Box....
- Serving dish for dips and appetizers 
- On-the-go snacks for road trips and flights 
- Store baby food in the freezer 
- Snack or candy container 
- Freezing leftovers 
- Picnic container 
- Arts and crafts storage 
- Separating Lego 
- And more....  

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