Friday, October 17, 2014

Build-A-Bear Workshop

This was the 1st time I have been to Build-A-Bear Workshop for any of my kids. I have 3 children, 14, 11 and 4 years old.
I have passed by the store on several occasions, but never really thought much about it.
I had $40 Gift card to burn through from Smiley360 and my daughter was going to have a great time.

I did not know that when you visit it is an experience as well as a shopping trip. 
When we first got into the store you can see tons of clothing and of course the bears, animals, dinosaurs and more on shelves with bins below them. The bins have the shell of the figure you or your child wants.

After you decide you can just grab a shell and move on the this pretty cool fluff machine. The staff member working in the store was so sweet and made it such an amazing memory for my little girl.  She told my daughter to get a heart and did some fun tasks with the heart to make her figure special to her. She chose the bunny from Snow White :)

My daughter loved the shoe experience even choosing the outfit for her. 
After purchasing her bunny she was happy that she came in her own little house and was so careful on how she held her. 

My daughter chose Snow White and a Little Mermaid outfit. Mix and match. 

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Thank you to smiley360 for letting me experience the fun at Build-A-Bear Workshop with our little girl!