Sunday, June 1, 2014

BA STAR Midnight Smoky eyeshadow palette review

New BA STAR Eye Shadow Palettes! 

When I hear of BA STAR I think of cheerleaders, dancers and glitter. I think of costume makeup and not everyday use makeup. That is not necessarily true for these NEW BA STAR Eye Shadow Palettes.
Midnight Smoky Palette

Natural palette

I have the smoky palette
5 shadows
one primer
one eyeshadow brush with an applicator on one end and a brush on the other

There are 4 shimmers and one matte shade (black)
All the shimmer shades apply smoothly and boldly. The black matte shades is the only one that takes a lot of work to get an even application. It is blotchy and even on the primer is still blotchy. It takes work to blend and even it out.

The primer stays wet for a little while and if you wand an extremely pigmented color you can apply it while still tacky. 
Below shows the application with and without primer. You can see the strip where the primer is applied in the upper portion of the swatches.

I know exactly why this is used for cheerleaders, dancers and performers, it lasts all and and is highly pigmented. This does not budge and I hope there will be more shades available very soon. After all for $8.75 it is more than worth it.