Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cool Way Review

True Smooth by Cool Way
The packaging is snazzy. It is something that calls to you when it is on the counter. I have to say since it is shiny I tend to notice it sitting on my counter and think, I am going to use that. Other items on my counter just blend in and tend to get forgotten or I think about using it when I am already done with my hair routine. 

The nozzle is easy to use since it is in a trigger fashion. 

The pics above are at the end of my work day. Still looking great and shiny

I really love the look and the easy of doing my hair this way. I like that I do not have to use the DIRECT heat from my flat iron to achieve my daily look. I would normally flat iron every morning and I dread it since I feel like I am frying my hair on a regular basis. Cool Way lets me do the same thing with less heat directly on my hair and still has a healthy shine. I need to have this in my life always.

My hair is not curly, but is wavy. The above picture on the left is my hair when not straightened and the right is straightened using the True Smooth from Cool Way.


I was very surprised how well the Cool Way worked.  My hair was so smooth without a flat iron. I notmally have to seal it with a flat iron to get this shiny finish.
It also claims to cut drying time down. I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised that this was true. I normally do not blow dry my hair cause it take too long to do since I have very long hair and I really do not have the patience for this. I normally wash it at night and flat iron in the morning. I decided to try it out and instead of taking 20-30 minutes it really took just under 15 minutes! Ok I want to know how does this work?

I had a bunch of complements on my hair at work as well. It's nice to get compliments!

Interested in saving your hair from a lot of heat damage?? Check it out !

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This item was provided for review courtesy of BeautyStat.com.