Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Enjoy Haircare review and giveway

ENJOY professional Hair care review and giveaway

First a little about ENJOY

full range of sulfate-free and pH balanced and stable hair care and styling products. ENJOY also maintains their products at a Ph range of 4.5-5.5 which is actually the best for your hair. Most companies have a higher Ph and that is what causes dry, brittle hair and causes color to fade. I found this information the most important to mention since I actually dye my hair and want to maintain my color.

Spray gel - $21.94 300ml
Product info: Create lift, volume, texture, separation, and shine with flexible hold. It provides excellent curl definition and volume without product build up. The non-sticky formula is ideal with thermal styling tools and provides long lasting frizz control.

My thoughts - I think this is one of my favorites especially for my boys. It keeps their short hair looking nice and shiny. It's easy to use, the spray is convenient and they like it since I no longer have to do it for them. It is so easy for them to do their own hair. Just spray rub around and done! Quick! 

Thermal spray  - $18.64 10 oz
Product info: Firm, flexible, bushable hold for all hair types. Non-sticky, heat activated thermal protection hair spray, which is great for use with thermal styling tools. Excellent for defining curl and creating volume.  

My thoughts - It does it's job, but i do not care for the scent of this spray. It was hard for me to use it since the scent was so strong for me. It is a large bottle and will last you a long time. It does help protect my hair from my hot tools.

Shine and Smooth - $19.74 4 oz
Eliminates frizziness. Makes hair soft and silky without weighing it down. Adds incredible shine and smoothness to any style or hair type. Great for both hair and skin. It locks in moisture while blocking out humidity. 

My thoughts - I love this one too. adding just a little of this goes a long way. It leaves my hair shiny and calms my ends. Love how it just make my look "finished".

Dry Wax - $24.14 4oz jar
Product info: A unique pliable, workable and moveable wax that offers firm, flexible holding power without product build up. Designed to separate, piece and add texture to hair while eliminating frizz it’s great for smoothing out and controlling short and medium lengths without the greasy feeling. Hair is left in control with a matte finish.  

My thoughts - This is a little hard to use (literally). You can warm it up for a couple seconds with your hairdryer if it becomes too firm. It does work well and hold the hair nicely. If you want to style and make a stay all day look for short hair this will work great. It takes a little more work, but if you are using a wax you probably already take a little more time styling than usual anyway.

this is easy for him to use. No thought spray a little rubbing it in and he is out the door for school.
This one is his favorite.
Now onto the good stuff. One of you will also have the chance to win this line of styling products from ENJOY Haircare.
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For where to buy, goto: www.enjoyhaircare.com (see salon locator) 

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I was sent these products for review. All opinions are my own.