Friday, January 17, 2014

#DisneySide What's in it?? Only open if u want to know!

I was curious to know what is inside the #DisneySide @Home Celebration Kit!!
Show Your Disney Side

Now I know and you can too if you really want to take a peek. Well more than a peek.
I do not know if there are different versions of the #DisneySide Celebration kits, but I am excited to see.
So here are the pics of my Kit: 
Here is an over view
everything has enough for 10 kids

 10 boxes of Photo cards, Run Card where u can write your own message for someone or u can use it as place matts, tons of balloons
oh and my dog wants in on it too.
 posters of Minnie and Micky with a sturdy cover to protect it
 Forgot to mention measuring cups, and cookie cutters

 face painting guide 
 This suite case is AWESOME! It is a spinning one that glides any way you want with just a finger.
Notice the collection in the back?
Check out the site!!! AMAZING DISNEY LUGGAGE!

party supplies:
plates, napkins, cups, stickers tattoos, decorations
 Face painting guide, stickers, tattoos
 Craisins YUM! My daughter loves them
 Iphone5 cover, suite case Tag and games (trivia and Bingo)
I am so excited to have a party to show and share with my family and friends!!!

Be on the lookout for a YouTube video tomorrow :)
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