Saturday, August 17, 2013

Purex® Fels-Naptha Review and Giveaway

So for me this is a completely new product. What is Purex® Fels-Naptha? It is a laundry bar that works overtime to remove your toughest stains
I had to do a little investigating about this product since it was completely new. It is definitly not a new thing though. 
Purex Fels-Naptha can be used for the following: 
  1. as a pre-treater by wetting clothes and using the wet bar to rub on clothes and sit a few minutes before washing
  2. for heavy soiled clothing, do the same as above, but use a soft brush to work it in then wash

now I don't think it is indicated for this, but a subscriber on my you tube channel (inspiretodream3) told me that she uses this to dry up poison ivy. Pretty impressive

I am actually loving just having the bar in my dryer. The scent is quite strong so it make my laundry area smell so clean and when the dryer is on the warmth from it make it permeate the air. Don't worry even when you use it and wear it down it still smell great!
For more information check out and their Facebook Page and there are many giveaways there too. 
I too have a nice giveaway for  winner for the same as the picture above. You will love that it is extremely clean smelling. 3 WINNERS!

Purex provided a free sample of their product for this post. My participation is voluntary and my opinions are my own. The coupons will be sent out by me. 
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