Sunday, June 2, 2013

April / May Beauty Box 5

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Everyone can use oil blotting sheets. This is a must have for all. There is nothing bad to say. If you have never tried any sheets, then you do not know what you are missing. 
Full size 50 sheets $1.99
Sample given Full Size
I have been loving the Brazen cosmetics loose eyeshadow. Last month was a darker shade and this very neutral tone is perfect to to all my shadow blending. I have been using both of them since I received this box in the mail. They belnd out so easily and stay on the hole day with my eyeshadow primer. Love love love. 
Full size 0.18 oz $7.49 
Sample no size on container

The Brush Hanger from Minxxette. This is a neat little device. If you like to wash your shadow brushes or any smaller brush frequently and need to hang it up to dry this will do the trick for you. stick it right on your mirror and insert your brush from the bottom up and let dry over night. This is good cause I have one particular brush I use more than any other and it is the only fluffy eyebrush I own. I can wash it and it be ready for the next day. I tend to not wash it that often cause I never had anywhere to hang it and had to lay it on a towel. Since I won't have to worry about water getting in it any longer I will wash it more often. The other neat thing I found on their web site is that you can tuck a wash cloth in and hang it from the brush hanger too :). Brilliant 
sm $4.69

From Model Co. ILLUSION Lip enhancement kit is a perfect nude liner to match my lips and keeps my lippies right where they need to be; on my lips. I like to color my entire lip with this to help my color last longer throughout the day. It has a bonus if the sharpener included in the cap. No more hunting for a sharpener. 
Full size (one size) $20
I have yet to try out these LA FRESH body smoothing wipes, but I am planning to bring them with me in my vacation come very soon. I wanted to wait to use them at that time. 
18 pack $9.99 

On to the May Box!

LA FRESH Antiperspirant wipes. I am waiting to use these to bring with me on vacation too.  When being out all day in the hot sun sometime we need to refresh and this is a great and space saving way to keep a refresher at hand. These are nice and handy. I am hoping the scent will be pleasing.
48 packs $19.90
2 approx $0.82

Jean Pierre Tanning Towelette - I am a little scared to use these wipes on my legs since my last experience was not too good. It left me all streaky and well it was a bit embarrassing to have beautifully streaked legs to show off. They didn't wear off so easily either. I do not want to have this happen to me before traveling and have the mistake of experimenting with tanning wipes when I know I will be wearing shorts every day. Unlike the other wipes I am going to wait to use these when I return.
10 Towelettes $8.99
2 approx $1.80
This is quite amazing! I love this spray just as much as I loved the Conditioner. It leaves my hair less frizzy and obviously smoother if it is less frizzy. I love that I can use a very cool flat iron with this and the smell is amazing too. Want your hair to calm down then spray it with the Coolway. I love everything about this.
6.7fl oz $24.95
sample 3.3 fl oz approx $12
Model Co Black eyeliner

Ferro 15 hour mineral Eyeshadow in Vegas Coral
This is right up my alley. I love these shimmery pinks and neutral colors. This is my go to color that I prefer on a daily basis. It goes on easily and stays on all day. Excellent
0.14 oz $17

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