Thursday, March 14, 2013

Beauty Box 5 Feb

Yes I have once again re-joined the BB5 team. My last box was April of 2012.
Beauty Box 5 is  monthly subscription program like many other subscription services. 
You can join BB5 for $12/month HERE. This is a referral link and would really welcome and appreciate if you join, to join via the link provided. Thank you if you do. 

This was Beauty Box five's 1 year Birthday! (actually their 1st box went out in Feb 2012) but I guess this is the Celebration of 1 year for them. 
I was glad to return on a great month. 

  First thing was a pretty neat item. It is the Coolway Boost 1 oz $4.99.
 It helps lock in moisture and help maintain the straightened look right from your shower. A good thing for me since I just ditched my flat iron for burning the ends of my hair so something to help straighten my hair a bit more and have less wildness. 
Full size for an 8oz is $39.95

 H2O Bath Aquatics shampoo 1.25oz
This is familiar since I have seen this when I have gone on vacation in some Hotels.  It does a great job and is not stripping to your hair.  The full size 8.5 fl oz is $14
 iTRAIN gift card for $50. We just recently replaced our old treadmill with a new one and this one does not have the iTRAIN in it, but I checked out the site and there are a TON of programs and routines you can download for exercise to watch or listen to.
 Brush Guard Variety Pack 4 pack $5.50 this is a 3 pack that we received. Not only is it great to keep your brushes perfect when you travel which I had a problem with this summer. They were all in one bag and the bristles did get a little rough. It is awesome for after drying to keep it's shape AND you can store them brush side down so the water will not drain into the brush handle! AWESOME!!!
This is such a great addition to my makeup collection. 
 This is the Birthday gift for we Subscribers, a cute little compact brush with a mirror. Nice to have if you are in a pinch. 

 Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub 5.5 oz
Smell is heavenly! This body scrub has just enough "scrub" in it. I have learned from experience not to leave it in the hot shower. If you are like me and like to take steaming HOT showers it eventually causes the sugar to melt and there is less sugar "scrub" in the container. Then it just becomes a melted & liquified  rub. I love this. Full size 18 oz is $7.49
If you are interested see the link at the beginning of the post. ENJOY!!!