Thursday, February 21, 2013

February Birchbox 2013

Included in this month's box was:

VASANTI: Brighten up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator 20g
It as microderm crystals and papaya enzymes to brighten the skin. I like the sand-like texture for exfoliating my face. The papaya is used in wound care ointments for debridement, so I can see how this would assist in brightening by the papaya.  

Jouer: Matte Moisture tint 
1st this is the tiniest sample given. I was initially put off by the tiny sample, but later realized that a little does go a long way for this product. For me personally it is definitely mattifying and the "tint" is quite pigmented and gives a bronzed look. It does not cover anything, but it is great at giving you a healthy tan look to your skin. If you just need a little color and have oily skin this is perfect!

Lancome: Hypnose Drama Mascara
This is a very black mascara and the wand is quite interesting and gives a pretty decent coverage and I am pretty sure the shape of the wand is a great help to that. 

twistband: Thick Headband
We have recieved these in the smaller version for pony tail holders. This is actually a convinient thing for me. I am intending to use it to keep my hair from falling out of my pony tail when my hair is up at the gym. I hate when the little hairs fall out and get in the way during my work out. This is going to hopefully stay in place and keep those little stragglers from getting in my face.

Extra this month is from Ghiradelli, it was a caramel filled chocolate single. I am saving it for my son who loves this type of thing. I should share after all. It is only fair.

Overall I liked the products in the box, I just wish the Jouer was a larger sample and my Vasanti was filled to the top, cause mine was half full. 

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Thank you until next time....

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