Saturday, January 19, 2013

Kiss Nail Dress

I received the Kiss Nail Dress from in my Holiday VoxBox to test out and review.
I really loved this design!! It was a leopard print and really fun. I have used this design in the past and had nothing but compliments! As a repeat offender of the leopard print nail dress again nothing but compliments which is always great to have. It does go on my nails with a little wrinkling, but because of the design it is barely noticeable. If you have flat nail beds it will go on perfectly without any wrinkles. I personally have very arched nail beds so that makes it a little more difficult to lay flat on my nails. 
To remove it is so easy. Just peel a little corner near your cuticle and peel off. Easy...

Check out the KISS nail site HERE or check out any reviews HERE on the Influenster site. 
You can get these nail dress stickers at nearly any drugstore. I have seen them at my local CVS, Target and Walgreens for around $7. There are always coupons available and I love that! Check out their Facebook page too!. They always have fantastic giveaways  there too! I have actually won a grand prize from them in the past! They are so much fun to wear and last. Just be sure to let them sit for a few minutes on your nails before digging in any dirt LOL. I only say that cause I actually did some down and dirty gardening with them on and they did not even lift up off my nails. Now that's durable :)

If you would like a great discount check this out!

to learn how to apply check out this video