Monday, November 12, 2012

Travalo Review

Travalo Touch

I loved the Travalo Touch rollerball!
It is so easy to fill and use. It takes only seconds to fill it up with your favorite perfume/scent. As long as you can pop off the sprayer you can pop on your Travalo and pump it full of the scent of your choice. No need to take a nig bottle everywhere you go. The Travalo Touch is especially great if you need to reapply without bothering anyone around you. You can sometimes feel the need to reapply or freshen up and the mist will tend to bother others that are sensitive to mists. When you need to apply with the rollerball no one will even notice. The only thing they will notice is a scent that appears out of no where. I love love love this! The size is convenient and fits anywhere. It is less bulky and sliding it into your front pocket if you are wearing jeans it is nearly un-noticeable.
For more information on the Travalo and where to get it check out and FB page

The Travalo was sent to me for review. The above statement and videos are my honest thoughts and opinions. 
Thank you to Travalo for providing the product for review