Sunday, November 4, 2012


I was part of the BzzCampaign for 
Although I was part of the campaign my shipment did get "lost" in the mail. I think some happy neighbor accepted and ate it. Good for them, but sad for me. 
I went ahead and purchased 2 bags from my local grocery store. You can see they had many varieties. All the bags were $3.49 
  I purchased one bag of  hummus popped chips in Feta Herb and the other bag in Garlic Tomato Basil. 

The texture was very nice and crisp with a bit of a nice chew at the same time. You can see all the herbs on the chip. It is quite strong in flavor. 
Garlic Tomato Basil Hummus Popped Chip
 I like how it has a resealable closure to maintain it air tight when sealed. The bag
 It has about 3-3.5 servings per bag.

Feta Herb Hummus Popped Chip

 I have to admit to attempting to bring a bag to work and share with my co-workers, but It happened to be an extremely longer drive than usual and I ended up eating the whole bag. I never got to share it, but I have to say I enjoyed it. The flavors are very bold. If you like a strong flavored chip than you will really enjoy it. My only complain is that it needs more in the bag. You can check out SMARTFOOD SELECTS Facebook page HERE or to find out about all the flavors and types of snacks available. 

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